About Flosum

Flosum is a end-to-end DevSecOps and release management platform for salesforce ecosystem. It has grown into a complete Enterprise Continuous Integration Delivery and Release Management Solution that offers tools and services for managing the entire Salesforce development lifecycle. It lets users create and deploy custom Salesforce apps faster and more accurately than with traditional methods.

Flosum has tools like version control, automated testing, continuous integration, and deployment automation to help developers streamline their workflows and work together better.

It also has advanced security features to protect the data and intellectual property of its users. Overall, Flosum is a strong platform that helps companies speed up their Salesforce development while keeping quality and security at a high level.

Key Features of Flosum

Flosum is an all-in-one platform with many features that help companies manage their Salesforce development lifecycle. Some of the most important things about Flosum are:

Version control: Flosum has advanced features for version control that make it easy for developers to keep track of changes to their Salesforce code and settings. This makes sure that changes are kept track of, saved in different versions, and well-documented.

Continuous integration: Flosum automates the process of merging and testing changes made by multiple developers at the same time. This speeds up the release cycles of companies.

Automation of deployment: Flosum makes deployment easier by offering automated deployment features that make sure deployments are consistent, reliable, and safe.

Automated testing: Flosum has a set of automated testing tools that help developers find errors and bugs before they are sent to production. This lowers the risk of downtime and expensive mistakes.

Collaboration: Flosum has tools for teams to work together smoothly, no matter where they are or what time zone they are in. This includes features like reviewing code, keeping track of tasks, and getting notifications in real time.

Security: Flosum has advanced security features to protect users’ data and intellectual property. This includes things like controlling access based on roles, using two-factor authentication, and encrypting sensitive data.

Audit trail: Flosum keeps an audit trail of all changes made to Salesforce metadata. This gives compliance and regulatory purposes a full history of all changes.

Overall, Flosum offers a full set of features that help companies speed up their Salesforce development while keeping quality and security at a high level.

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