How to install and use Forminator? Free and Premium WordPress Form Builder Plugin

What is Forminator?

Forminator is an easy-to-use WordPress plugin that allows you to construct a custom contact form, a payment form, and ensures that your site’s users can contact you seamlessly.

Key benefits of using Forminator

1.Collect information from your website visitor.

2.A contact form helps user to interact with you there by adding a human-touch to your website.

3.Enhance conversion rate.

How to install forminator on your WordPress website?

1.Click “Add New Plugin” and search for “Forminator”. Then, click install and activate.

Wordpress form plugin

2.Forminator Settings – Get the basics done.

Once activated, click on settings to choose the number of forms you need, sender email id, name etc.

Forminator settings

3.High-Contrast Forms

Click on the accessibility and choose high-contract forms. (I personally preferred this look.)

Form customization

4.Now, let’s customize the appearance of our WordPress form

I personally like the flat look!

Wordpress form builder

5.You can change the color of every single element in the form.

I tried changing the button color to blue. Remember to click update once you customize your form.

Premium WordPress form

6. There are other features in forminator like setting up captcha for avoiding spam data and also collecting payments through your form. I shall provide details about it in a seperate blog.

7.Select “Form” and choose what kind of form you want to create.

I choose to create a simple contact form using forminator as below.

Wordpress form creator

8.Now, keep moving forward by clicking Appearance, Behavior, Email Notification etc.

We have seen the same while trying to tweak the form settings. Only imporant part in setting up your new form is ensuring your current email is entered as below in the add email notification tab.

Best wordpress form

9.Click Publish and bring your form to life.

Once you are satisfied with all the ingridients of your form, click publish to generate the new live form as below.

WordPress form plugin

10.Let’s have a look at our beautiful, sleek wordpress form powered by Forminator.

I entered the shortcode of our form to generate below form. Feel free to test it guys.

Write to me to share your WordPress form requirement and I could request our support team to guide you if you find any issues in setting up your form. You can also purchase Pro version of Forminator to enjoy more benefits.


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