How Pickyourtrail is doing employer branding featuring #PeopleofPY on LinkedIn?

Chennai, India, April 19 2022

I love Pickyourtrail as a company, having visited their Chennai office in 2019. It was not located in an information technology park, but rather in a business building somewhere in T Nagar, Chennai. As I write this, I have completely forgotten the location, but the road was clean. If you’re someone who values a company’s environment, you’ll understand what I’m expressing.

Secondly, if a company is hooking young crowd of over 100-200 employees without the advantage that an IT Park environment could give, you should learn a big lesson.

“Organizational culture is characterized by HR policies and how employees are treated in a variety of scenarios, both positive and negative. It has nothing to do with your office architecture, the ping pong table, or the swing in the middle.”

(Did I just wrote a quote which I could cherish for lifetime? Venkat Smiles*)

Before I showcase the collection of their LinkedIn posts, I wish you have a look at their culture video.

What were these fools thinking? Watch to know | Pickyourtrail | April Fool’s Day

Here’s how Pickyourtrail is doing employer branding featuring #PeopleofPY on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn Carousel is one of the best ways to tell stories and Pickyourtrail team has used it creatively as below to feature their employees.

1.Samantha, Head of Partnerships

2. Anup and Nirmal

3. Jeyaram and Digvijay

4. Vinoth and Sahal

5. Sunil in Employee Spotlight post and Employee Welcome Post on LinkedIn – Trishul Devanga, Sania Sakhuja, Amit Arora

Hope you liked the collection.

This surprise post is dedicated to the design and marketing team working in Pickyourtrail.

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