Sell with a Story

This is Venkat. I created ChandraCloud to feature enterprise software and SaaS products through interviews of CEO, Marketing head or the Sales head in the organization.I believe, your story about the product or the Company will certainly help buyers understand whom they are doing business with?

I request for email interviews with founders, CEO or someone in the leadership team taking care of sales and marketing domain. If you have good customer testimonials, kindly include that too to be featured along with the interview.

Message Venkat – (91) 9384716268

[email protected]

How it works?

I go through your product or company and based on who plans to answer in your team, I frame questions and send it to you. You could take time to answer. In the near future, if I have software buyers asking for recommondations, I will be able to guide them with the right product which will benefit you.

Pricing – It’s Free or You could choose to support my effort

How do I plan to sustain in this business?

Here’s my story. I run a financial consulting business (VenkatFin) where professionals across India agree to pay me for consulting. I do it as a service for few who are in low income status.

I get satisfaction when someone who’s really in a lower middle class family calls me and asks how to raise death claim of his father. I spend my time to guide him or her with the documents required. But I never get satisfied for placing link of a SaaS product for free even if that might bring no traffic to you.

Irrespective of running multiple resource websites to promote software, I find it hard to make a founder or CEO/Marketing head to sponsor for their listing. I never accept affiliate programs. They should realize money is really payment you make.

Free for life – I publish interviews with the domain name ( ). But I continue to recommond products as that way, when I have a buyer interested, I can request for a commission.

Monthly Sponsor – I request for monthly sponsorship to have a valid link placed in the feature.

I have many founders,marketing head asking me for free listing on Community Software as it’s on Google top 10 for the same keyword. The moment I request for sponsoring, they speak about traffic. Well, You needed to list and this is my pricing would be my answer.

So, if you believe Chandra Cloud sponsorship might have a long-term benefit, ask me for pricing. Else, I will simply place the domain name as text but continue to recommend the product.